Zoella Named Digital Ambassador For Mental Health Charity, Mind

YouTube beauty guru Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella, has become the Digital Ambassador for British mental health charity, Mind.

The YouTube beauty guru has more than 8 million subscribers between her two channels, where she posts everything from beauty product reviews and tutorials to daily vlogs.

While many YouTubers gloss over their personal struggles, Sugg has been very open about the fact she suffers from anxiety and frequent panic attacks with her large audience, making her the perfect person to help the charity engage with a younger audience and raise awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

The news comes just as Sugg launched her own #DontPanicButton initiative, which aims to raise awareness of anxiety and panic attacks in young people.

“I know just how isolating it can feel to experience severe anxiety,” Sugg said as her Digital Ambassador role was announced. “However, the overwhelming response I’ve received every time I’ve spoken out online, shows just how many young people confront it every day.

“I am passionate about the need for everyone to feel OK to speak out, to talk to friends and family about what they’re going through, to ask for help. That’s why I’m thrilled to be taking on my new role as Digital Ambassador at Mind.”

Mind CEO Paul Farmer also added: “For many, the internet and social media can be a lifeline. By connecting people with similar experiences and providing access to information and support, the online world has a significant role to play increasing awareness about mental health problems.”

The announcement of Sugg’s new role was made on Thursday, October 9 – The day before World Mental Health Day. Other YouTubers, such as YouTube gamer Pyropuncher, have recognized the day by raising awareness of the mental health issues common in both adults and young people, and encouraging those in need to seek help:

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