YouTubers React To The Maker Studios Acquisition

Social media has been abuzz ever since it was announced Disney acquired YouTube Multi-Channel Network Maker Studios for half a million dollars! If the updated reports are anything to go by, that number is actually closer to $550 million, which means if Maker meets their performance targets Disney will pay out 1 BILLION DOLLARS for the network. Seriously! Who would have ever thought something made by a group of people once known for making videos in their bedrooms would ever be worth 1 BILLION?!

While i’m trying really hard not to step on The Fine Bros. toes here (and they really do need to make an episode of YouTubers React dealing with Disney’s Maker Acquisition), I’ve taken the time to collect a few YouTuber’s reactions to the Disney/Maker Deal.

Maker’s ousted CEO Danny Zappin has said nothing thus far; which is understandable considering (if he held on to his Maker shares) the people that ousted him have just made him a very wealthy man. It wouldn’t be surprising to see his pending lawsuit against the company miraculously disappear at the thought of a billion dollar buy out. Fellow members of Maker’s original leadership team Ben and Lisa Donovan have been re-tweeting and favoriting messages from friends and fans, but Ben was the only one to discuss the acquisition directly:

YouTube Vlogger and Maker Co-Founder ShayCarl has been the most vocal since the deal was announced:

Philip DeFranco has a rocky past with Maker, but he still congratulates his friend ShayCarl on his success. Shay owns a significant percentage of Maker Studios, so he’s cashing in big time:

Former Sheriff of YouTube TheWillofDC bringing the drama. Here’s hoping he’ll return for a one-off video explaining his tweets, but he’s likely referring to the series of backdoor layoffs between 2011-2012 which caused many early Maker employees to lose their jobs (and their shares…):

YouTube’s entertainment news authority Michael Buckley lamenting saying no to Maker when he was asked to join them in 2009:

YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley and Director of YouTube’s Next Lab Tim Shey:


Congratulations to the entire Maker team.

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