YouTube Changes Watch-Time Criteria For Direct Support

YouTube has made a quiet change to the amount of watch time required to receive direct support.

Most people know that YouTube provides support for the most popular creators on the platform. However, very few people know that YouTube offers direct support via email to any creator so long as their videos have been watched for a certain amount of time.

Up until last week, users just had to watch 15,000 hours of your videos in 90 days for your channel to be eligible for direct support. That means if your videos are 5-minutes long on average, you only need ~180,000 views in 90 days for you to be eligible for direct support.

Now, YouTube has quintupled that requirement to 75,000 hours, meaning that if your videos are 5-minutes long on average, you’ll now need over 900,000 views in 90 days to be eligible for YouTube support. This restricts support to the top 35,000 channels, by our own estimates.

This is a major change that marks a serious departure from the old days of YouTube. Up until around 2010, it was fairly easy to get in contact with a real person at YouTube if you knew how to answer the troubleshooting questions on their support page. However, as the site continues to grow exponentially, it’s obvious that providing support to everyone would be unsustainable.

Smaller YouTubers that require support are now forced to ask for advice on the YouTube product forum or (if you’re really desperate…) sign to a network to get their issues resolved.

Check out an old video from ReelSEO detailing YouTube’s support process:

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