YouTube Reveals Viral Video Conspiracy

Have you ever suspected there was a grand conspiracy behind the epic viral videos that appear on YouTube every now and again? – From the Harlem Shake, to Nyancat, to Gangnam style?

If so, it turns out you may have been right all along. YouTube have revealed they are the people behind every viral video that appears on their website.

“Since 2005, YouTube has been behind the scenes of all your favorite video trends. Meticulously crafting every single moment of every viral video ever,” a YouTube spokesperson explained, confirming that everything we have come to know and love about the website is in fact a lie!

To soften the blow of this grand deceit, YouTube have offered a special April 1st preview of the hot memes they’re planning for 2014, to help you get a jump start on making your own versions.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m really looking forward to the Glub Glub Water Dance. I wonder how long it will take to hit over a billion views like Gangnam Style…

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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