YouTube Give Video Pages A Subtle Facelift, Adds Better Chromecast Compatability

YouTube has made a series of subtle changes to its video pages, rolling out larger default video player sizes and streamlining functions like video sharing and playlist management.

The larger video player size is rumored to be part of a series of changes to streamline YouTube’s user interface ahead of the launch of their subscription music screaming service Music Key. The service was expected to launch this fall; however, ongoing negotiations with independent labels delayed the launch.

Six buttons which covered everything from playlist management to flagging a video have been consolidated into just three buttons – “Add to,” “Share,” and “More.” The buttons have also been moved from the right (as seen below) to the left (as seen above).

YouTube Video Descriptions - Connor Franta

Earlier this year, YouTube changed the default size of their description boxes from two lines to five. The move was popular among creators, who could share more of their social, video, and affiliate links easily. However, this new video page facelift rolls back that change – Reducing the default video description size from five lines to just three.

Chromecast users will also be happy to see YouTube improving its compatibility with the popular TV dongle. Chromecast has been available on YouTube through the YouTube mobile app since its launch in July last year. But now, viewers can cast direct from their browser to their TV right from the video watch page.

These changes may not be new for everyone. YouTube A/B tested these changes extensively, giving a few users access to the “new” design before others, to make sure they don’t negatively impact the user experience. However, these changes have now been rolled out to all users, and the service will likely start A/B testing the next series of changes soon – So keep an eye out for that.

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