YouTube Unveils Creator Playbook For Brands

Google has unveiled a new Creator Playbook to help brands grow their following on YouTube.

While some branded content on YouTube has been incredibly successful, most marketing and brand-related videos fail to get any meaningful reach because so many brands fail to understand what works and what doesn’t on a unique platform like YouTube.

In an effort to demystify what works well and bring more people with big advertising budgets to the platform, the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands was created to help companies understand how to create and execute a successful strategy on YouTube.

The first Creator Playbook was released in July 2011 and featured a definitive list of tips, best practices, and strategies to help everyday YouTube content creators build their audience on the worlds largest video platform. Since then, the Creator Playbook has helped more than 2 million creators grow their channels and their audiences, according to a blog post by YouTube’s Global Head of Audience Development Vanessa Pappas.

Download the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands here.

The 100-page guide provides a step-by-step guide for brands on YouTube; covering everything from how to create and optimize content for YouTube, through to promoting content with paid advertising on the YouTube platform.

The guide also dispels many myths surrounding how brands perceive YouTube – Including the common belief that Virality is the only measure of YouTube success. “The most successful creators release episodic series to generate high sharing and viral activity, as one video will often break out and then introduce massive audiences to the entire series,” Pappas explained.

She also encouraged brands to collaborate with existing YouTube Creators: “While you should optimize your own channel for discovery, authentic collaborations with YouTube creators can be a hugely impactful way to help new viewers discover your brand.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the day a Fortune 500 CEO appears in a Tag video.

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