YouTube Super Bowl Half-Time Show 2015

YouTube’s Super Bowl Half-Time Show was raw, messy, and pretty damn awkward; which is pretty much par for the course as far as YouTube live events are concerned. From a camera tech’s head popping into a shot more than once, to the awkward execution of clearly unrehearsed ideas that made many of the YouTubers involved look just plain bad. I just genuinely don’t know what to think.

These are people backed with multi-million dollar deals – There’s nothing amateurish about anything any of the hosts of this show do for a living, particularly Freddie Wong, so I’m not sure why YouTube is still trying to make them look that way…

That being said, everyone loves a bit of Toby Turner; and as we learned that last year’s Streamy awards, Harley Morenstein going off-script is the best thing ever.

If you need a refresher on that lesson, watch the YouTube Half-Time Show below:

Plus, it doesn’t matter how awkward things get. It’ll still be better than Katy Perry!

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