YouTube Streamlines Collaboration With ‘Creator Credits’

Collaboration has long been the holy grail of growth for many YouTube personalities; especially as they start to rub shoulders with more popular YouTubers. However, from the producers, to the editors, to the people you borrow equipment from, there are countless other roles people may play in the production of a YouTube video that aren’t easily credited with an annotation at the end of a video.

To solve that problem, YouTube has introduced ‘Creator Credits’ for all channels with over 10,000 subscribers.

The long-awaited feature, which was first announced at VidCon earlier this year (alongside 60fps video), allows creators to ‘tag’ other YouTubers that were involved in the production of a video. These ‘tags’ will appear in a convenient list just below the video description, with clickable links making it easy to share the love with everyone involved in a production. Not just those in front of the camera.

YouTube Creator Credits

If your channel is in good standing and has over 10,000 subscribers, you can use this feature right now by going to the ‘Info and Settings’ tab in your Video Manager. For now you can only use the pre-defined roles, which includes Director, Editor, Actor, Cinematographer, Collaborator, Producer, Extra, Makeup Artist, Writer, and Music. However, the YouTube Creators Blog confirmed that they are working on introducing custom roles, and allowing smaller channels to use the feature, in the near future.

What happens after channels are ‘tagged’ remains to be seen. We’ll update this article once confirmed, but it’s likely there is an approval process, so that your name is not linked to content you weren’t/don’t want to be associated with.

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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