YouTube Music Awards Return, Sans Live Show

The YouTube Music Awards represent something incredibly unique in our community. While the inaugural YTMA’s can be described as nothing short of an absolute s**tshow, the ceremony was conceived with the noblest of intentions – To reward “the artists and songs that YouTube fans have turned into global hits over the past year.”

In the face of incredible criticism about last year’s format, which included hosts rifling through cake, and juggling real live babies while trying to present an award, the ceremony is being re-imagines as the platform looks to build on the lessons it learned from last year’s failures while continuing to recognize both the new and established names in music that call YouTube their home.

So, in March 2015, The YTMAs will make their sophomore appearance with a completely new format that takes fan interaction to the next level. Last year, fans voted online for their favorite artists in each category and winners were announced by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts at a live ceremony in New York City. For 2015, the show will have an even greater online focus that tries to build on the success of the collaborations between popular creators and established pop stars that accounted for most of the fan-favorite moments at last year’s event, only without the live show component.

Last Year’s YTMAs proved to be incredibly popular, racking up more than 54 million views across both the live stream and subsequent plays of the ‘live’ music videos.

Even though last year’s show was incredibly popular, it was plagued with technical issues and quickly became the subject of criticism from both viewers and creators about the choice of format. Spike Jonze, who was brought in the direct the show, teased that he wanted to capture the “raw messiness” of a YouTube video. The result was a poorly orchestrated mess of failed comedy skits interspersed between impeccable musical content that only served to prove that the people YouTube paid to produce this show really didn’t ‘get’ YouTube at all.

Here’s hoping they learn from that mistake.

YouTube have announced they will be releasing new content on a new channel over the next few months as they gear up for the main event in March 2015. If you’re not too jaded from last year’s festivities, be sure to subscribe.

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