YouTube Introduces Real-Time Analytics With Minute-By-Minute View Counts

YouTube has unveiled its latest new feature for creators – real-time analytics.

Creators can now see minute-by-minute view-count updates, as well as other real-time data at higher granularity than ever before.

By default, YouTube will now retain real-time estimated views data on each creator’s last five published videos, allowing YouTubers to see either:

  • An Hour-by-Hour view count for the past 48 hours, or
  • A Minute-by-Minute view count for the past 60 minutes.

YouTube Real-Time Analytics Example

Real-time analytics has become a necessity for web publishers ever since Google introduced real-time tracking to their popular Google Analytics platform for websites. YouTubers have seen the benefits real-time analytics gave traditional web publishers, and have been asking for similar features on the popular video sharing service for some time. And now, it seems, and they have it.

This new reporting tool will give creators an early insight into how their recently published videos are performing, will help them optimize their promotion strategies. For the firs time, creators have direct access to the data they need to measure the virality of their videos; allowing them to identify the best days and times to publish videos, and the best social media platforms to drive more of their followers to the video right after it’s published.

The page auto-refreshes while it’s open to offer the freshest statistics, although Google says there might be some latency in the reports. Unfortunately, there are also other limitations.

While it’s possible to group videos together, real-time data is only retained for each creator’s last five published videos. Equally, geographic and date filtering are currently disabled. However, they may be turned on a future update.

Google has announced it plans to roll out many more real-time features to YouTube in the near future, so stay tuned.

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