YouTube Expands Default Video Descriptions

YouTube expanded the amount of space allocated to the description box by default.

The popular video sharing service quietly changed its video pages to expand the video description box to five lines by default.

Viewers could only see the first two lines of the video description before this change, forcing YouTubers to spend a lot of time thinking about how to structure their video descriptions and making viewers that want more information click the “Show More” button.

This is sure to be a welcome change for every YouTuber that uses in-video call-to-actions for everything from pimping their social media accounts to driving revenue through their affiliate links.

This expanded visibility is a result of YouTube’s ongoing discussions with content creators about how to improve the platform. Now, YouTuber’s URLs have a greater chance of being seen and clicked on – Which is a huge win for creators, and for viewers that engage in that way, while having a limited (if any) impact on everyone else.

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