You Were At My Wedding Denise, Explained

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You Were At My Wedding Denise, Explained

Meghan McCain, or as she emphatically refers to herself on The View “John McCain’s daughter,” has been busy in 2019. First she got super impassioned about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s highly-debated “anti-Semitic comments” that it nearly brought her to tears. And now, she has become a meme on the Internet. I would like to present you with “You Were At My Wedding Denise…”

The origin of the phrase dials back to (checks watch) two days ago. Somewhere in the land of Conservative Twitter, Denise McCallister, a commentator for The Daily Wire, posted a critique of The View from a website called I Love My Freedom Dot Org, filled with honestly rich details. When promoting the article, she asked the very important question, “Can anyone explain to me the purpose of The View?” And that set off the sirens.

Along with some other choice language on Twitter, the initial post started gaining traction before Meghan McCain came across the post herself. Presumably taking a break from screaming “I am John McCain’s daughter!” at her dog until her voice went hoarse, McCain logged into Twitter and birthed a new meme. Responding to McCallister, she simply said, “You were at my wedding Denise…”

The internet can be such a beautiful place. People immediately took the strangely personal retort and ran with it. Nevermind the fact that McCallister immediately walked back her comments and said that by posting the article accompanied by a close up of Meghan McCain’s face, she was talking about McCain’s colleagues. That’s not the important part. The takeaway is that it’s a phrase for our times.

For some reason, Meghan McCain thought that the Internet was applauding her, branding her own meme-ification as a “clap back,” but there’s a difference between creating a meme and becoming a meme, and ultimately, this is a case of the latter. Calling out the fact that one of your former wedding guests is dragging you on Twitter—seemingly admitting they don’t like you anymore—is a weird flex (but ok), Meg.

So take it while it lasts because in this age, memes come and go so quickly that it’s hard to figure out when the moment has passed. Use it in the most menial way possible. Someone cancel on helping you move? “You were at my wedding Denise…” Have a friend who showed up to the dinner party without booze? “You were at my wedding Denise…” The opportunities are endless.

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