Will Smith’s Wheelie Video Proves He Is Untouchable on Instagram

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Will Smith’s Wheelie Video Proves He Is Untouchable on Instagram

Someone needs to go get Will Smith from Cartagena because he’s getting out of hand down there. He’s supposed to be busy filming Gemini Man, but clearly that’s not the case because his Instagram is rife with dancing, street side caricatures, boats, and now a very involved video where Will Smith wheelies through all of your favorite memes. Take a look:

Yep. All soundtracked to Cardi B’s “Drip” (because what else do you wheelie to?), there’s Will taking a leisurely cruise on a Super 73 bike through space and Bob Ross’ studio.

Oh, and then there’s some great cameos from the cast of Avengers: Infinity War, Walmart yodel kid Mason Ramsey, Alfonso Ribeiro, and that car that Elon Musk had taken into space. Look at that power, all in one post.

It turns out the video was made by one of his new Colombian friends, Jas Davis, a visual designer down in Cartagena. Imagine that luck: you’re just boppin’ through your every day life and then you make friends with Will Smith and you’re like, “Hey, what if I took a video of you on a motor bike and set it to music for your Instagram.”

Keep your eyes open, friends. Life is full of opportunities to curate social media for famous people.

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