Will Smith is Ready to Be Part of the ‘Old Town Road’ Music Video

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Will Smith is Ready to Be Part of the ‘Old Town Road’ Music Video

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Will Smith wants in on the viral sensation that is “Old Town Road,” and posted evidence of his hip-hop/country crossover credentials to Instagram to prove it. The video features Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s hit song over footage taken from Smith’s 1999 film Wild Wild West and the music video for the movie’s accompanying song.

“Y’all Call me when you’re ready to shoot the video,” wrote Smith, tagging Lil Nas and Cyrus in the post.

Smith’s “Wild Wild West” was a bog-standard example of his so-bad-they’re-good late-90s pop rap earworms, one that generously sampled Stevie Wonder and Kool Moe Dee and whose only references to the American West were a couple of lyrics about six shooters and Buffalo Soldiers. But the film and the song’s music video did indeed find Smith riding horses and rocking cowboy hats over steampunk Victorian suits.

Questionable country cred or no, ‘Old Town Road’ doesn’t need Smith’s signal boosting—the song, which has been YouTube’s top trending video all weekend, is proving to be an unstoppable hit, despite the Billboard chart’s best efforts. Billboard made the dubious decision to remove Lil Nas’s initial version of the song from its country charts, saying in a statement that the tune “does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart.” But that hasn’t stopped the track from tearing up the Hot 100, jumping 17 spots to #15 in a single week.

And Smith isn’t the song’s only famous fan—the Hulk himself congratulated Lil Nas and Cyrus on their success.

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