Will Shepherd & R.J. Aguiar Reveal Domestic Violence Charge

Around February last year, YouTube vloggers Will Shepherd & R.J. Aguiar disappeared from the internet for almost a month. That absence went completely unexplained…

Until yesterday when the couple revealed that R.J. was arrested on a 273.5(a)PC charge, which is a serious domestic violence offence (causing corporal injury to spouse). His bail was set at $50,000, and he spent a night in jail before being bailed out by Will and some other friends.


In the video Will explained that none of it was R.J.’s fault, and they believe the police were wrong to arrest him.

Will explained the situation, saying: “I drank so much that I don’t really remember much of what happened that night… According to everyone that was there someone decided, as a joke, to put me in a headlock. While they certainly didn’t mean any harm by it, they inadvertently triggered my PTSD and as a result I started to get physical with people,” Will said.

“When you have PTSD, you don’t really have control over that,” R.J. added, explaining that PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can make people to believe they are in danger when they’re not.

Will continued: “R.J. stepped in to try to get me to calm down, but my brain was not in any place where it could hear reason.” Ultimately a fight broke out and, “R.J. was injured and I was injured. And as a result, the cops were called,” Will explained.

When the police arrived, Will claims they made an “incorrect assumption” about the situation when they decided to arrest R.J. He had to spend a night in jail, and after being bailed out he left to “stay with friends for a few days.”

R.J. had his day in court, and was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. “I’ve since been cleared,” R.J. said in the video.

While the couple are obviously still together today, this incident almost brought their relationship to an end. “None of us were sure if we were going to stay together,” R.J. said. The pair ultimately worked through their issues, and Will took it as a wake up call to get his alcoholism and PTSD in check:

“That incident was the reason that I stopped drinking, and the reason that I took my PTSD more seriously. I learned the hard way that alcohol and serial PTSD is a very dangerous mix, and it almost cost me everything.”

Will and R.J. started their channel together in 2009 with daily vlogs to show “just how normal gay life can be.” Since then, they have racked up an impressive 200,000 subscribers.

Their engagement video is one of their most popular videos, which sees Will propose to R.J. at Dume Pont State Beach after months of planning.

If you are affected by violence or abuse of any kind in your home, please contact the The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

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