Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon Royal Wedding Coverage

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Will Ferrell, Molly Shannon Royal Wedding Coverage

Look, I’m not 100 percent sure what happens at a royal wedding. I’m assuming two people vow to spend their lives together ’til death do they part. Someone probably gets crowned, right? And there will be various pies and tarts and biscuits on display. But, other than that, I’ll be personally lost among all the quaint and polite British fanfare of its beloved royal family.

Thankfully, Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon will be on hand to cover the festivities live as Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan. On New Year’s Day, Ferrell and Shannon covered the Rose Bowl for Amazon as the two characters—Hosenbeck a “frequent television and radio host dedicated to physical and mental wellness” and Cattigan a former Miss Arizona who “has written books about relationships, co-dependency, marriage and wellness.”

In fact, they were so convincing as their characters, the program got a ton of negative Amazon reviews from users who didn’t quite get the joke. “The hosts were awful not giving any facts about the floats or commenting on wat we were seeing,” as one review read. “Instead they were harassing Tim Meadows about his time on Saturday Night Live (something he told them clearly on two separate occasions that he didn’t want to discuss).”

Who knows how many members of the extended royal family they’ll piss off on May 19.

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