Wildest Moments from MTV Cribs

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Wildest Moments from MTV Cribs

Once upon a time, someone at MTV was like, “I have an idea: What if we get celebrities to let us inside their homes and we put it on TV.” For some inexplicable reason, people agreed to this concept and, hark, Cribs was born. This show is best described as aesthetically bizarre, and offers a delightful glimpse into what happens when you have more money than you know what to do with.

Things that I am not making up even a little: a living room jacuzzi instead of a living room couch, a shower that fits up to 30 people, a sneaker collection that’s basically a store, a Ferrari that’s secretly a bed, and the contents of some very alarming fridges. From Beyoncé to Ludacris and Adam Levine to Alanis Morissette, literally every celeb who was relevant in the early 2000s could be found showing off their mansion on Cribs. Time to take a look back at the most memorable (by which I mean utterly confusing) moments.

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