Why Would Sacha Baron Cohen Not Air His Controversial Sarah Palin Interview?

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Why Would Sacha Baron Cohen Not Air His Controversial Sarah Palin Interview?

In its first two episodes, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? had some truly stunning moments. He exposed the evil nature of pro-gun advocates in episode one, and in episode two, effectively humiliated a racist Republican lawmaker from Georgia into resigning. But the last two episodes have taken a turn—rather than coaxing the evil out of immoral men, Cohen has been going for shock value and dick jokes. While it seems like Cohen’s best scenes were packed into the first two episodes, we’ve still been waiting for the controversial interview with Sarah Palin.

Weeks before the show even debuted, Palin had taken to her Facebook to express outrage over an interview she’d done with Cohen. Her post sparked other prominent Republicans to come forward and call for a boycott of Showtime, the network where the show airs. This interview itself had to be a good one, right?

But now, it’s uncertain if Cohen’s interview with Palin is even going to air. This week, Showtime president of programming Gary Levine told reporters at TCA that the Palin interview might not even appear on the show.

“All I can say about that is that there are several people who have thrown themselves in front of buses that may not be heading their way,” Levine said. He added that the interview might not make the cut because Cohen “is always refining” and has “a very high bar.”

It would be strange for Cohen to cut his interview with Palin for creative reasons after it got him so much free publicity ahead of the show’s release. Certainly some of the interviews in the last two episodes haven’t been up to the quality of the first two, so what could it be that would stop Cohen from running it? It would be even more concerning if either he or the network were bullied into cutting the Palin interview.

We’ll see in the next few weeks as Who Is America? airs its final episodes. Here’s hoping Cohen still has some Republicans left to humiliate.

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