Who Is America Sarah Palin Interview Was Cut

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Who Is America Sarah Palin Interview Was Cut

Tonight’s finale of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? may have disappointed viewers who were expecting the much-anticipated interview with Sarah Palin.

When Showtime announced the series just weeks ahead of its July 15 premiere, the show had already stirred up plenty of controversy thanks to its interview subjects publicly decrying Cohen for tricking them into embarrassing themselves on camera. One of those people was Sarah Palin, who posted a lengthy complaint on Facebook that detailed the setup of her interview on the show—which she said involved Cohen disguising himself as a wounded veteran.

It launched a feud between Palin and Cohen—as well as between Palin and one of Cohen’s characters—with Showtime ultimately defending its star. (Why wouldn’t they? Sarah Palin did all the work for the network’s PR team.)

But it seems like Palin came out ahead, as her interview was not included in this week’s season finale. Showtime admittedly gave viewers a heads up earlier this month when programming head Gary Levine told reporters at TCA that the interview may not air since Cohen “is always refining” the show up until the last minute.

While Palin lucked out—or maybe won the feud, who can say—the finale did give Cohen the last laugh about the whole ordeal. The show gave Palin a credit for Special Publicity Consultant (Inadvertent), as New York Times culture writer Sopan Deb spotted:

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