Where Mark and Jessica Are Now After ‘Love is Blind’ Wedding Finale

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Where Mark and Jessica Are Now After ‘Love is Blind’ Wedding Finale

The Love Is Blind wedding finale introduced a new form of torture to the world—force people to get all dressed up and march down the aisle in front of friends, family, and Netflix camera crews, only to have to say “I don’t” to their fiancé at the altar.

Unsurprisingly, this real rollercoaster of tepid vows, cold feet, and broken hearts resulted in a meager two happy endings. (Or maybe the four non-marriages were the real happy endings, depending on how you look at it.) But even if the rejections at the altar were for the best—considering the couples had known each other for under a month—our hearts still ached for the dumped parties and their visibly anxious family members. And we especially felt for the now 25-year-old Mark Cuevas, who really shouldn’t have had to walk down the aisle at all after the ride his fiancé Jessica took him on throughout their engagement.

Mark heads into his wedding day hopeful.


No one should have to marry anyone they don’t want to (obviously). But the lesson here is that you probably also shouldn’t get engaged to them either, even when Netflix is going to pay for your wedding. Mark confessed to Esquire a few weeks ago that he and Jessica haven’t spoken at all since their wedding day, although they do follow each other on Instagram—we checked.

“We haven’t talked, I haven’t seen her since wedding day. It’s been radio silence and it is what it is. She has to live her life and move on and whatever it takes to do that, whatever works for her works for her and same for me. We both had to go live our lives.”

We know this can’t still be true, as the cast has already filmed the Love Is Blind reunion, where these two have to interact again. The bright side of all this is—for all you Atlanta locals—that Mark is still single. He told us since he wrapped filming Love is Blind in October 2018 he’s been primarily focused on becoming a better trainer and building his fitness business. Despite what he went through on Love Is Blind, Mark still seems to have a heart of gold.

“Whatever was going on with her and whatever expectations she had, regardless of the fact, I’m still super thankful for her. I want everyone to know that without Jessica, who I am now would not be possible. Whatever she was dealing with, whatever she’s had to deal with, whatever she’s gonna deal with, I hope nothing but the best for her and I hope that she’s super successful. I fell for that immediate connection and it didn’t work out and whatever the reason was—it could be Barnett, it could be other things—everything happens for a reason and I always believe that. I just think that it is what it is and you can’t force things and so no matter what, I learned so much from that.”

As of this week, Mark has gained 100,000 new Instagram followers—giving him a new platform to promote both himself and his business. Hopefully that softens the whole rejected-at-the-altar blow a little bit. If you’re in Atlanta and on the market for a new personal trainer, you better act fast.

The Love Is Blind reunion will air Thursday, March 5 on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

Lauren Kranc is an editorial assistant at Esquire and Masters student at New York University.

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