WhatsApp Chat Update with YouTube Video Integration

WhatsApp Chat Update with YouTube Video Integration.

WhatsApp is now is the process of allowing it user play YouTube videos right inside the chats. This new WhatsApp chat update will let someone send you a link for a YouTube video as a chat message. You can watch it without being taken to the YouTube site/app outside of the app. This is what they refer to as an embedded video

This was some what annoying for people as it would open the YouTube app over your chat.But with this feature you could watch the video and chat at the same time or seeing other messages come through. Which when in a group chat is perfect.The only people where this did not cause too much of an problem were the people with the mobile that is able to do a split screen function, like the LG G6 mobile.

So hopefully soon we will be able to watch a Youtube video and chat about it at the same time and not worry about swapping between the two apps.


It was WABetaInfo who found out about his cool feature. They looked at the data contained in version 2.17.40 of the WhatsApp app. According to them it is a hidden feature. So once WhatsApp are ready, it will be activated. The original blog is on wabetainfo.com, on there the author has written,

‘This update has a lot of hidden features (that are features not available yet to the public) and one of which is the possibility to view YouTube videos directly in WhatsApp ..

How many times did you receive a YouTube link on WhatsApp and you were annoyed that WhatsApp opened YouTube to view it?

Finally this won’t happen anymore: this new feature implemented in WhatsApp uses the Picture in Picture concept to view YouTube videos without opening it.’

The blog carries on to say that the feature may only come to the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.There may also be some users out there testing this new feature as everything goes through a beta phase before being release to the rest of us.

For the full blog you can visit WABetaInfo for the full findings

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