What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is here

So, Google have finally made the jump into streaming live TV with their YouTube TV service.

YouTube is so well known for its random videos, how-to and countless independent channels and shows. It was only a matter of time before Google made a TV service.

YouTube TV is a direct competitor to cable TV, so by competing against cable they lined up a good selection with more than 40 live TV channels. Below is just a small list of the channels available through their new service.

This is not a free service, you’ll have to pay for it. Google are charging $35 per month but this $35 per month will give you:

Live TV streaming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and popular cable networks

Cloud DVR with no storage limits

6 accounts per household included

At the moment the service is only available in the US? But not only that, it’s also only available in five US cities. So far Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area.

YouTube has said that more cities will be added as the service is extended.

There’s a free 30-day trial that you can try just to test the waters, before you’ll have to pay up.

At the moment, there is a limited time offer to get a free Chromecast after the first full month payment:

“Watch YouTube TV on your big screenGet a complimentary Google Chromecastafter your first payment.”


For the time being you will only be able to watch on iPhones, Android phones, tablets and computers.

Although to watch on your tv you’ll need a Chromecast, which is being given for free by Google after the first month payment.

The storage, Cloud DVR, is being advertised as unlimited free storage but shows will expire after 9 months.

There are 6 accounts to each membership but you will need to be aged 13 and up. YouTube TV also allow you to stream to 3 devices at the same time.

Three similar services exist already, to name a few, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now, and Hulu. All of these services offer various channel packages and different features depending on the plan that you chose. Starting at $20 per month for Sling TV, $30 for Vue and $35 for DirecTV Now. Where YouTube TV has one price $35 per month.

So far around 2 million people have installed the YouTube TV app, this includes both iOS and Android. Now, we have no idea whether these 2 million downloads have turned into paid memberships. But I’m sure we’ll here from Google soon about their membership numbers.

As with the normal YouTube there will be ads. Although you cannot fast forward the Live streams, if you record the show then via the DVR you can fast forward the ads.


If you want to find out more info about YouTube TV then follow the images below to go to their home page:

youtubeTV logo


Below is a good video by Android Authority for YouTube TV:

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