Watch a Lollipop Magic Trick Blow Drake’s Mind

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Watch a Lollipop Magic Trick Blow Drake’s Mind

Drake was hanging out at an exclusive London nightclub this week, as superstars do, when he bumped into magician social media celebrity Julius Dein. The trickster pulled Drake aside and wowed him with a pretty neat magic trick.

Holding a lollipop, Dein asked Drake who his favorite superhero is. When the rapper gave his answer—”Batman”—Dein put the lollipop in his mouth, instructing Drake to pull it out. When it emerged from the magician’s mouth, the plain-old circular candy had been transformed into a lollipop in the shape of Batman’s head.

Dein told the BBC that Drake, who follows him on Instagram, had invited him to the club for his Scorpion album launch party. “I made sure, just in case he wanted to see a little trick, I was at the ready,” he said.

And the internet set to doing what the internet does best—turning Drake’s stupefied reaction into a meme.

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