VidCon Introduces Meet Up Appointments

VidCon has announced they are introducing appointments for meet ups.

The popular convention, which is now the largest YouTube convention in the world after playing host to 18,000 people earlier this year, has spent the past few years trying to improve the situation for fans of popular YouTube creators, who often find themselves spending most of the convention waiting in a line to meet their favorite YouTubers.

To fix the situation, VidCon is taking a page out of Playlist Live’s book and introducing an appointment system to manage meet up times. Fans will now have to register online for meet ups, and a lottery system will decide whether you’re assigned a ticket for the meet up.

According to VidCon, here’s how it will work:

  • Starting in early Spring, Community attendees will be emailed a link to rank their top choices for signing & photo tickets.
  • On a TBD date at least a month before the event, we will use a randomized lottery system to assign tickets.
  • You’ll get an email telling you which tickets you got
  • At the event, you’ll just need to queue up a half-hour or so before the signing begins.
  • Your badge will have a bar-code on it that will need to be scanned to confirm you have a ticket.

VidCon started trying to improve the queuing situation two years ago by introducing cut offs in the line to make sure that everyone that takes the time to queue will be able to meet their favorite creators. However, for the most popular creators, it introduced a new problem where people were queuing for hours just to see if they will make it into the main queue to meet their favorite YouTubers. This new systems appears to address that issue head on, and should prevent the rare occasion where YouTubers leave (or are called away) before they have a chance to meet everyone that was waiting.

Playlist Live introduced a similar system last month, where attendees use an online system to select the creators they want to meet. However, unlike VidCon, Playlist is actively encouraging attendees not to queue. Instead, if there is a long line you can simply go do something else and when you return (so long as it’s still within your appointment window) and you’ll still be able to meet your chosen creators.

This new appointment system is a necessity for VidCon, and it’s great to see them take a proactive first step towards addressing overcrowding as the convention continues to grow.

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