VidCon Adds Code of Conduct To Attendee Badges

VidCon has added an official code of conduct to all attendee badges.

The convention, which is the largest gathering of YouTube creators, viewers, and enablers of all kinds, has always had an ‘unwritten’ rule that allows both security and staff to ask any attendee (including the YouTubers) to leave if they are acting inappropriately or causing a safety issue.

However, in the wake of the recent YouTube scandals which revealed the emotional and sexual abuse of fans in the YouTube community, the convention has codified these rules and placed them prominently on both their website and attendee badges.

VidCon Badge - Code Of Conduct

Founded by John & Hank Green, who are also known as the vlogbrothers, VidCon has undergone unprecedented growth since its inception just five years ago. Even with the growth of both the event and the YouTube community as a whole the event goes off, largely, without issue every year. However, last year the festival was implicated in the recent YouTube scandals when it was revealed that a small number of YouTubers were using the unique atmosphere at the convention, which actively attempts to minimize barriers between YouTubers and their viewers, to victimize or otherwise act inappropriately towards their fans.

The convention has already asked a handful of people not to attend the event this year, and led the formation of a community task force to recommend the best ways to reduce the risk of further inappropriate behavior. The task force has already partnered with a local sexual assault hotline and arranged for a national anti-sexual violence organization to hand out information and answer questions at the convention site.

>> Many YouTubers have been speaking out about community, consent, and perception in the wake of the scandals; including Carrie Hope Fletcher.

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