Former Google Exec named YouTube Tech Boss

Have you ever wondered who’s to blame for slow loading videos on YouTube? – Even though it’s probably your ISPs fault, on the rare occasion YouTube’s servers slip up we now know who to blame.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has just appointed Venkat Panchapakesan as the site’s new VP of Engineering, where he will oversee the smooth operation of YouTube’s servers and the technical development and roll-out of new services.

Venkat was previously the head of engineering for Google’s Apps service, but was tapped for the new position after YouTube’s former head of product and engineering Shishir Mehrotra stepped down from the role in April. However, he has big shoes to fill. Mehrotra played a key role in developing YouTube’s innovative skippable TrueView pre-roll video ads, which led to an economic boon for the site. Mehrotra was also a popular choice to take over as YouTube’s CEO before Wojcicki was chosen for the coveted position, which many believe may have influenced his decision to step down.

Venkat worked at Yahoo and stood as an India-based entrepreneur-in-residence at venture capital firm Greylock Partners before moving to Google.

Wojcicki has promised big changes are on the horizon at YouTube, with a range of internal staff shuffles and user-facing changes to how the site operates expected over the next year.

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