Tyler Oakley Announces October Release For His First Book

YouTuber (and soon-to-be New York Times Bestselling Author) Tyler Oakley has become the latest internet celebrity to jump on the book publishing bandwagon.

The insanely popular vlogger just announced that he has signed a book deal and plans to publish a collection of personal stories he has put together over the last three years. Titled Binge, the book is due to hit stores in October 2015.

In a video announcing the book to his 6.8 million YouTube subscribers, Oakley reveals that he was first offered a book deal in 2012, but turned it down when it became clear that he simply “wasn’t ready” to write a book that was worth reading. However, in the three years that followed, Oakley made it his personal mission to write as often as he possibly could, regardless of where he was, and this is the result – A collection of stories sure to entertain and inform anyone hoping to learn more about Oakley’s life and his rise to internet stardom.

“It’s happy, and funny, and sad, and serious, and honest, and embarrassing. It’s everything that I’ve ever wanted to share with you, but didn’t quite feel ready to,” Oakley said about the contents of the book. “Even if you’ve watched very single one of my videos you won’t know any of it.”

Oakley is the latest in a long line of YouTubers to sign book deals in recent years. Connor Franta, Shane Dawson, and Zoe Sugg are just a few of the YouTube personalities to release books that topped various bestsellers lists in the last year alone.

It’s also worth noting that most of the YouTubers that released books recently did so through publisher Simon & Schuster’s Keywords Press imprint, which caters exclusively to authors that are known primarily though YouTube. Oakley’s Binge, however, is being published by Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books imprint, which is primarily used to publish books that are likely to have a wider appeal, so it seems even the publishers have high hopes for this one.

Binge is available for pre-order immediately from tyleroakleybook.com. Fans can also tweet a screenshot of their pre-order @TylerOakley for the chance to win a signed page from the notebook he used to draft his book.

Stephen Doble

From his London office, Stephen leads our new media industry coverage at Videoter.

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