Twitter Introduces Video Autoplay

Bad news everyone. Your Twitter timeline just got a little more annoying.

Earlier today, Twitter announced they are following in Facebook’s footsteps and enabling auto-play support for videos.

Effective immediately all Vines, as well as GIFs and native videos uploaded directly to the platform, will play automatically when users scroll past them in their timelines.

This will do wonders for Twitter’s vanity metrics, and will no doubt cause their video view counts and watch time to go through the roof. This extra engagement, whether user-initiated or not, will be welcomed with open arms by marketers and advertisers; who, it seems, were the ones pushing for this change.

In a blog post announcing the change, Twitter’s senior product manager David Regan said: “By introducing autoplay and taking a stance on viewability, we think Twitter is now the premier platform for marketers to share and distribute the best video content in the world.”

Thankfully, Twitter has also realized just how annoying this might be for some users. So, even though autoplay is the new black (I mean default…), users can disable this behavior in the Content section of their account settings page.

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