Twitch Announce Their First Ever Convention, TwitchCon

Twitch has unveiled plans to host their first ever convention.

Dubbed TwitchCon 2015, the convention is set to take place over two days between September 25 & 26 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA.

Much like the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), which is a favorite among many popular Twitch streamers, TwichCon promises to bring broadcasters and viewers from Twitch together to meet, learn from, and play with each other.

While most of the details are still TBA, the new convention will feature formal meet and greets, panels (many of which will be live streamed on Twitch), and competitive gaming events.

“Twitch broadcasters have the most passionate fans, so we want to create an amazing experience where they can come together in person,” Twitch CEO Emmett Shear said in a press release announcing the convention. “TwitchCon will be an opportunity for the entire community – broadcasters, game developers, viewers, and us – to play and learn together.”

TwitchCon 2015

The event itself is organized by ReedPOP, the same company behind PAX East and New York Comic Con, so this is sure to have all the hallmarks of the popular gaming conventions that came before it.

More details about scheduling, events, and accommodation will be revealed over the next few months. Twitch are also holding an open call for content, so anyone that wants to propose an event at TwitchCon is encouraged to get in touch with the Twitch team. Twitch Partners are also being encouraged to contact their partner reps if they want to host/be part of a panel.

Twitch was founded in 2011 as a spinoff from Y Combinator-backed online live-streaming pioneer Since then, after being bolstered by heavy adoption by the gaming community, it has grown to become the largest live-streaming service in North America, boasting 1.5 million broadcasters and over 100 million community members.

Twitch was also recently acquired by Amazon in a landmark deal worth almost $1 billion.

Watch the TwitchCon announcement below:

(Skip to ~09:00 for the start of the stream)

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