YouTube Gamer John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain Diagnosed With Bowel Cancer

British gaming expert and YouTube personality John Bain, better known as ‘TotalBiscuit,’ has announced that he as ‘full-blown cancer.’

This announcement comes after weeks of uncertainty about his condition. In April he revealed that he had suffered from digestive trouble for over a year, and recently went to see a doctor after finding blood in his stool.

Doctors performed routine tests, including a colonoscopy, and found a 2cm “mass” on his colon. Though doctors weren’t sure whether it was malignant (the ‘bad’ kind of cancer), his tests appeared to show that it was contained to one easily treatable area.

Now, however, according to his latest tweets, it seems that things might not be so simple. It appears the mass was actually malignant, and doctors may have missed another cancerous mass during the first round of testing:

TotalBiscuit Cancer Tweets

Despite the frosty diagnosis, 29-year-old Bain says his prognosis is good. He also appears to be in good spirits, and mid-way through planning a Walter White-style takeover of the meth industry.

Bain, better known by his alias ‘The Cynical Brit’ or his YouTube channel name ‘TotalHalibut’ turned to YouTube after losing his job in the financial sector during the last financial crisis. He has demonstrated an outrageous work ethic ever since starting his channel, and he has grown to become a hugely popular producer of gaming commentary videos and a highly respected force among gamers everywhere. His YouTube channel has over 1.6 million subscribers and more than half a billion views across almost 3,000 videos.

He has taken this diagnosis as a wake-up call, and is calling on his viewers to get themselves tested if they are having digestive issues – Especially if they have a family history of the disease. Two of Bain’s grandparents had (and recovered from) bowel cancer, and Bain admits he was “a little bit weary” that cancer may be in his future.

“It is one of the most common cancers, and it goes untreated because people are embarrassed to get it checked out,” Bain said, encouraging fans to be mindful of the symptoms of the disease. “They are intimidated by the idea of a colonoscopy and they just don’t want to talk about things like their bowel movements. I get that, I understand, but I am a f**king idiot because I didn’t go sooner, because I was embarrassed… I don’t want other people to go though what i’m currently going though.”

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