Top 5: Gangnam Style (강남스타일) Covers

I’m still not sure how a slightly overweight Korean man’s gyrations have managed to capture the hearts and mind of the entire world.

I’m not here to explain it. I’m not here to judge it. I’m here to embrace the fifth most viral video of all time. Psy’s “Gangnam Style (강남스타일).”

The song has been everywhere over the past month, including #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. All while Psy himself has been slowly becoming a familiar face to the entire world. He has appeared on ‘SNL’, ‘The Today Show,’ had interviews on every daytime talk show, and even taught Britney Spears how to do the infamous dance on Ellen.

He’s even invaded the UK government, with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson claiming to have done the dance with Prime Minister David Cameron. (Given Boris’ hilarious past escapades, I suspect he isn’t joking).

After all of this, it stands to reason that in between the endless cat videos, there should be a fair number talented musicians making Gangnam style covers on YouTube – 6,400 to be precise.

We’ve taken the five of the best Gangnam Style covers and compiled them into a handy little list.

#5: thecomputernerd01- “Gangnam Style Parody (Cats, Chapstick, And Horses)”

Kicking us off at #5, having already amassed a quarter of a billion (yes, with a B) views on his videos, the undisputed king of nonsensical YouTube parodies Josh Chomik (better known as thecomputernerd01) somehow manages to out-random the already outrageously random original. Snakes, horses, fighting cats, shopping in pajamas, baby bananas, and a whole host of random objects make an appearance in what has to be the weirdest video in the list, but I can’t seem to look away.

#4: Comediva – “Klingon Style”

In the extremely likely event that you’re not as nerdy as me, Klingons are a fictional warrior race that appeared heavily in the Star Trek series. In a move that surely earned them 100,000 nerd points (it’s like money, except not recognized by the opposite sex), a group of super fans of the series took the short Klingon phrases used in the series and made an entire language out of it! Comediva put it to good use in this video anyone even mildly familiar with the series is sure to enjoy.

#3: Ohio University Marching Band – “Gangnam Style”

While no marching band viral video cover could ever come close to North Carolina A&T’s unique take on the Bed Intruder Song, the OU marching band come in a strong second with their Gangnam Style cover. It takes crazy musical skill to come up with a musical arrangement for an entire band just a few weeks after the song was released, so hats off to music teacher Michael Voytek for doing just that.

#2: Ra-On – “Gangnam Style” Acoustic Cover

California-based Korean rock band Ra-On give Gangnam Style the acoustic treatment, slowing it right down and giving it a heavy swing feel. The incredibly unique and well-performed take on the song earned it the #2 slot in our countdown.

#1: Pentatonix – “Gangnam Style Cover”

Topping off the list and winning our (conveniently invisible…) award for Best Gangnam Style Cover Ever! – Pentatonix.

The 5-person a capella group, originally from Arlington, Texas are masters of genre fusion. All under the age of 25, the group walked away as the winners of the 3rd season of NBC’s ‘The Sing Off’ competition, proving that they’re the best at what they do. For the Gangnam Style cover, they come together perfectly as a group with an incredibly unique style and arrangement that absolutely kills it, propelling them to the top of our Top 5.

Just in case you’re still craving more Gangnam Style after all of that, here’s a reminder of the high bar set by the man, Psy himself: