TomSka & Caspar Lee’s Sister Call Out KSI’s Misogyny

Popular British YouTuber Tom Ridgewell (TomSka) has called out fellow YouTuber Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (KSI) for disrespecting Caspar Lee’s sister Theodora in a recent video.

Caspar and KSI did a Q&A video together last week, and the topic of conversation kept awkwardly turning towards Lee’s sister. It seems like the pair were trying to replicate the success of KSI’s video with vlogger Joe Sugg, where KSI repeatedly expresses affection for Sugg’s sister Zoella. However, the video with Caspar was just awkward as KSI repeatedly expressed a desire to “f**k” and “drop a load in” Lee’s sister; skipping funny entirely and jumping straight to creepy.

Theodora wasn’t happy about the way she was being treated, so she made a video titled ‘Breaking The Silence’ where she explained that she tried to be OK with Olatunji’s comments, but deep down she felt shame at having been spoken about in such a derogatory and sexist way. She also commented that the video is a perfect example of how women are treated as objects in wider society.

Her reaction caused TomSka to call out Caspar Lee for being OK with someone speaking about his sister like that and KSI for being a bad influence on his young audience.



After the backlash, KSI issued a non-apology to Theodora, saying: “I’m sorry you felt the way that you did.” She accepted the non-apology, for some reason, and removed her ‘Breaking The Silence’ video shortly after KSI took down the Q&A.

Both Caspar Lee and KSI are currently in Los Angeles filming a feature-length comedy called “Laid in America.” The project sees the pair star as two best friends who get up to all kinds of shenanigans as they try to, quite literally, get ‘laid’ in America. Rapper and vlogger Timothy DeLaGhetto is one of many YouTubers believed to be making an appearance in the film.

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