Thor the Bulldog is the 2019 National Dog Show Winner

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Thor the Bulldog is the 2019 National Dog Show Winner

Steve Donahue, See Spot Run Photography

Legends aren’t born. They’re built. Or bred. Whatever. This year’s legend of the 2019 National Dog Show is the Bulldog—a red and white chonk of a dog named Thor. After a 10-hour day at the show filmed in Philadelphia, Thor and his handler, Eduardo Paris, are planning a celebration. “I [will] drink beer for sure,” Paris says. “[Thor] will eat and drink and he’ll be in my bed.” Well earned.


Thor and his handler, Eduardo Paris, are congratulated by fellow handler Taffe McFadden and her world-number one dog, Bono.

Steve Donahue, See Spot Run Photography

Thor the Bulldog, whose full name is GCHG Diamond Gold Majesu Pisko Bulls, seemed to be a surprising decision on site. Bono, a Havanese representing the Toy Group, is currently ranked number one in the world. (Yes, this is a thing.) Thor isn’t currently ranked, but expect that to change. Perhaps most controversially, it turns out he’s not named after the Marvel movie, which is a shame.

In regard to the upset, Paris complimented his competitor. “Taffe [McFadden] is my friend. I love her, and I love her dog.” When asked if he saw it as an upset though, Paris said, “Not really, no. I’m sure she’s happy for me. It all depends on how the dog is showing, and he showed really good tonight.” Best in Show judge, Charlotte Patterson adds, “He’s got that wide berth in the shoulders for stability. And he performed well under the hot lights. That is not easy for this breed.” We will take your word for it, Charlotte!

Thor lives in Texas, but he was born in Peru. Paris, a resident of Brazil, comes in three or four times a month to show Thor, so the two have a special bond. Among his hobbies, Thor likes to “play with chihuahuas” and “sleep.” According to his handler, he also is a high jumper. Those are some surprisingly relatable stats. Thor will make his rounds over the next few days, and for the next year, a sweet Peruvian chunky boy will be our new king. Long live Thor.

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