They’re Planning a Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival

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They’re Planning a Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival

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The dawning of 2019 couldn’t feel farther removed from the spirit of the summer of ’69, but the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts announced that there will be a three-day Woodstock commemorative festival next August, anyway.

“This pan-generational music, culture, and community event will be held at BWCA just 90 minutes from New York City,” read the announcement. “These three days of memorable experiences will include live performances from prominent and emerging artists spanning multiple genres and decades, and TED-style talks from leading futurists and retro-tech experts.”

This isn’t the first festival marking a Woodstock commemoration; there was a 25th anniversary show in 1994 and the infamous Woodstock ’99, a chaotic affair featuring headliners like Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers that was the site of multiple sexual assaults.

The Bethel Woods Center event isn’t the only festival marking the anniversary—original Woodstock promoter Michael Lang announced “definite plans” to resurrect the concert for its 50th anniversary, and promised to “bring back the much needed spirit and energy of the 1969 original.” Performers for either festival have yet to be announced, but there’s almost certainly no possible line up that won’t piss off your dad.

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