There’s an Even Darker Clip Hidden in the ‘Westworld’ Trailer

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There’s an Even Darker Clip Hidden in the ‘Westworld’ Trailer

Westworld is great TV, but one of the best parts of following it is the community of online detectives who’ve coalesced around the show. The three-hundred sixty-thousand member strong Westworld Reddit has cracked a surprising number of the show’s plot twists—something co-creator Jonathan Nolan suggested he might try to throw a wrench in this season. The internet’s latest discovery, however, is a creepy secret preview embedded in the show’s official trailer.

A shot twenty seconds in contains a series of trunks, one of which is plastered in binary code.


Translated, the code is a link to a Delos website and a hidden second trailer. The secret clip is an advertisement for Delos and Westworld, with creepy glitches that suggest a massacre of humans behind the scenes at the park, as well as more footage of the terrifying drone hosts.

It’s all just another clever way for HBO to make sure we’re counting the days until Westworld’s April 22nd premier.

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