The First Trailer for the New Halloween Film is Here

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The First Trailer for the New Halloween Film is Here

The endless succession of Hollywood reboots and sequels is tiresome, but it’s impossible to watch the trailer for the upcoming Halloween movie and not feel pretty hyped. Forget the terrible Rob Zombie reboots—this time the original gang is back together. 40 years after the first Halloween, John Carpenter, who directed, co-wrote, and scored the original, returns as producer and composer. And Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who’s now a shotgun-toting grandma determined to see Michael Myers in his grave once and for all.

The new Halloween scraps the canon established by the original film’s seven sequels in favor of a simpler timeline that finds it picking up directly where the first movie left off. Now, rather than spending years terrorizing the residents of Haddonfield in painful sequel after painful sequel, Michael Myers has been institutionalized since his original 1978 killing spree. He escapes (of course) and comes back to town to terrorize Laurie, her daughter, and her granddaughter. Check out the trailer below.

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