Ten Second Songs Finds Perfect Way To Launch A YouTube Channel

A brand new channel launched on YouTube exactly one week ago, and both YouTubers and brands will be taking notes about how this channel has managed to explode onto the scene and rack up more than two million views in less than a week.

The old adage “Content Comes First” holds true for 26-year-old studio owner and engineer Anthony Vincent Valbiro in launching his new YouTube Channel with an impressive rendition of Katy Perry’s song Dark Horse sang in 20 different vocal styles from Metallica to John Mayer. His channel is already in the top 10,000 most subscribed channels on YouTube, and the view count on his video is climbing as more and more people share it on social media.

The video was made to promote his company Ten Second Songs, where he uses cheap online marketplace Fiverr to sell people custom made tunes for $5 a pop. When his next gig goes up, something tells me he’ll be a busy guy.

Check out his unique Katy Perry ‘Dark Horse’ cover below:

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