Super Bowl LIV 2020 Commercials

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Super Bowl LIV 2020 Commercials


The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of televised sports experiences. It’s an American institution that encourages binge eating, heavy drinking, and rooting for anyone who isn’t the Patriots. Fortunately, the Patriots were kicked out early this year, so Super Bowl LIV is just going to be a ruckus filled with fun and buffalo wings. Praise be. But amid all the snacks and libations, there are the commercials: mini-movies advertising everything from booze to tax services. With enough of the former, a commercial about the latter actually can be fun.

Of course, this is an election year, so we already know that both Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump have bought spots to put a damper on your football fun. But beyond that, 2020 is a time for advertisers to shove all their favorite products down your throat in the most elaborate way possible: Cinematic ad spots. Will Danica Patrick make a surprise return with a vintage Go Daddy commercial? That’s their mission. Your responsibility is simply to watch and be entertained. Find a roundup of this year’s Super Bowl commercials below. As they roll in, we’ll make sure to keep this updated… that way, even if you’re in the bathroom during a Sabra ad, you can say you’ve already seen it.

Jack Daniel’s

The legendary alcohol brand is joining the ranks of brands placing Super Bowl ads this year, and nothing goes better with Jack than getting home safe. Well, Coke and getting home safe. The company is giving a five dollar Uber credit to those following the brand on social media. That offer is in partnership with Uber to help with the burden of getting home post-game.

Weather Tech

Weather Tech has brought back the really great dog from last year. He’s cancer free, his name is Scout, he’s anthropomorphized in a way that doesn’t seem creepy, and most of all, he’s a very good boy. Cheers to Weather Tech for knowing how to do commercial well.


The luxury car brand is coming in with a luxury heist commercial. What appears like a mini-movie has invested all of its flash into production as opposed to kitschy celebrity appearances, but when you’re Porsche, you can get away with it.

New York Life

New York Life is taking their spot to explain the four different kinds of love. The strongest kind of love is called agape, and according to the insurance company, nothing says love in action like… getting insurance.

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold

Have your beer and advocate for sustainability, too. The new ad spot encourages beer drinkers to buy Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold to participate in the 6 For 6-Pack program, which allows consumers to join the company’s mission to help farmers transition to organic.


Goodbye podcast commercials, hello Super Bowl advertisements. Everyone’s favorite website creation tool has employed the services of Winona Ryder to get the word out about Squarespace. In doing so, she visits Winona, Minnesota. Why? You’ll have to watch.


For anyone who thinks women aren’t watching the Super Bowl, wake up. Secret is onto the truth and has dropped an ad for The Big Game, featuring the best of the best—the US Women’s National Soccer Team, discussing the women playing football.

Michelob Ultra

Jimmy Fallon and John Cena are earning that beer in Michelob Ultra’s ad, which has the celebrity duo in the gym with some kettlebells. One of them is better at the workout than the other. We’ll let you guess who.


Microsoft is getting in there with a timely ad featuring Katie Sowers, the first female coach to be on field at the Super Bowl this year. And if luck and strategy goes her way, she’ll also be the first female coach to win the dang thing.


The truth of the matter is this: Google’s Super Bowl ad was made by emotional monsters. Do not watch without a lot of Kleenex.


Trish is an idiot in the new Reese’s commercial. There are two takeaways here: be careful of your use of colloquialisms, and get with it and try a Reese’s Take 5 bar.


Oh, you’re bored watching one ad at a time? Don’t fret. Heinz is apparently going to launch four different commercials at the same time during the big game, so don’t try and reset your picture in picture settings. Everything is normal.

Soda Stream

Soda Stream and Bill Nye together? Game on. Everybody’s favorite television scientist has paired up with the soda machine company for their big Super Bowl ad. Bonus: SodaStream is working with Mars… Pennsylvania. Yeah, if you live in Mars, Pennsylvania and tweet at @SodaStream, you can get a free SodaStream. Seriously.

Planters Peanuts

In perhaps the darkest ad of this 2020 Super Bowl season, Mr. Peanut dies in a horrific car accident in the same way that Marissa Cooper died in The O.C. Pour one out for Mr. Peanut, and shake your head at a legacy brand killing off their mascot.

Avocados from Mexico

Honestly, tip your hat to Molly Ringwald, who has managed to consistently find work for nearly 40 years. Here, she stars in the Super Bowl commercial for Avocados from Mexico, placing a little, tiny tiara on an avocado. How nice.


Wow. Leave it to Budweiser to bridge the gap between communities with its signature red and white can. Focusing on the idea of “typical Americans,” it turns the refrain on its head and highlights us when we’re at our best.

Budweiser Canada

Oh. Well. Budweiser can’t win them all. The Canadian branch of the company thought that a “Wassup” revival was what we needed in 2020, but this time, it’s through smart speakers.

Little Caesars

The infamous five-dollar pizza chain with the orange and white box has locked in a Super Bowl spot, and it’s for some massive news. You can now get that beautiful pie delivered to you.


An absolutely ecstatic Jonathan Van Ness tag teams with Pop-Tarts to deliver some big game day news for everyone’s favorite breakfast on the go. And henny, he is freaking out about it.


Heavy sigh. Here’s a Rick and Morty collaboration.


Unlike you and your tax return, TurboTax has already filed its Super Bowl commercial. Is it the sexiest thing in the world? No. But it is a good reminder that your W2s should be available soon, and there’s a service that can help you with it! Thanks, TurboTax.


You’re not going to find this lesson on your Duolingo app. Hyundai seems to be teasing their Super Bowl commercial with a hilarious Boston-accent lesson between Big Papi and Rachel Dratch. If the preview is any indication, it’s going to be a wicked good ad. Good for you, Hyundai. Good for you.


Olay is coming in hot with its second Super Bowl commercial (along with the hashtag #MakeSpaceForWomen). Starring the likes of Katie Couric, Taraji P. Henson, Busy Phillipps, and Lily Singh, the skincare brand must have felt a solid payoff from their inaugural commercial last year because the production value of this space-inspired one is pretty sick.

Mtn. Dew Zero

Ah, the sweet nectar of children who need no additional caffeine, yet drink the hell out of this neon green beverage anyway. The company is teasing the release of its newest invention—a zero calorie version of the soft drink. Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross help out on this one.


Going for the heartstrings of America, Verizon’s Super Bowl spot isn’t gimmicky as much as it’s a reminder that if you’re a firefighter in the throes of saving lives, there’s nothing you can count on more than (checks notes) the incomparable 5G service that Verizon offers to firefighters who need solid service to transmit data that allows them to see through smoke. Take that, AT&T.


Nine words: Sam Elliott reciting “Old Town Road” as a monologue.


If you’ve ever wondered about the origin story of the MC Hammer hit “U Can’t Touch This,” then Cheetos is going to be fulfilling that fantasy soon enough. Want to get out of doing anyone any favors? Then eat some Cheetos. It really is an inspired strategy.

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