UK’s Biggest YouTube Convention Expands, Moves To ExCeL London

Britain’s biggest YouTube convention just got a bit bigger.

The organizers of Summer In The City 2015 have just announced they are moving the convention to London’s biggest exhibition space – The ExCeL Center.

Over the past year YouTube has grown to serve more than a billion people from all around the world every month, so it’s only natural that businesses and events operating in YouTube’s orbit also see growth, and SitC is no exception.

However, it remains to be seen whether this move to a much bigger (and much more expensive) venue will work out for SitC’s organizers.

A single management company, Gleam Futures, represents many of the UK’s most popular creators. And Gleam seem to be encouraging their clients, such as Zoe Sugg, Alfie Dayes, Joe Sugg, and Louise Pentland, to drop out of events like SitC to appear exclusively at events like Amity Fest, which Gleam organize themselves. Fans are also speculating that popular international YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, who has already announced he will not be at SitC 2015, will also join the Gleam talent at Amity Fest.

SitC-Gleam Talent Poaching

Nonetheless, SitC’s organizers are still confident they will be able to put on a successful event even without some of the most popular personalities on YouTube making an appearance. And with a new venue giving them the space to host more panels, performances, and activities than ever before, this may be one of the best SitCs yet.

Summer in the City had humble beginnings as an informal gathering of YouTube creators and viewers in Hyde Park, London in 2009. After a few years, as the event grew to span multiple times and locations, founding organizers Dave BullasTom BurnsLuke CutforthLiam Dryden, and Jazza John moved the event to a small indoor venue (The Brewery) that allowed over 1,000 attendees to safely meet all of their favorite creators, interact with other fans, listen to music, play games, and learn more about the platform all in a single location. In 2013 they moved to a bigger venue (Alexandra Palace) which served more than 7,000 attendees, and now they’re expanding once again by moving to the ExCeL center, a 100,000 sq-ft space that can hold tens of thousands of people.

Summer in the City 2015 will take place between August 15-16, 2015. A separate Creator’s day, specifically for industry professionals and content creators will be held on August 14.

Ticket prices range from $36-$60 for the entire weekend, and will go on sale starting January 12, 2015 at 6pm GMT.

Check out some of the highlights of SitC 2014 below:

Stephen Doble

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