SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Tackled Everything from the Shutdown to the Oscars

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SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Tackled Everything from the Shutdown to the Oscars

SNL’s Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost tackled politics right out of the gate, rolling through the end of the government shutdown, Trump at Davos, and the news that the president attempted to fire Robert Mueller. “I do love that Trump tried to fire Mueller, and now he’s got to sit with him and answer all of his questions. That’s got to be awkward,” said Che. “You ever try to press door close on somebody in an elevator but they make it in anyway, and now you’ve got to talk to Colin about white golfers?”

Host Will Ferrell made an appearance, reviving his classic character Jacob Silj, an economic commentator struggling to cope with Voice Immodulation Syndrome.

The second half of the segment dealt in lighter fare, like the Bacardi-Patrón news. “Bacardi rum announced that they are merging with Patrón tequila,” said Jost. “But I thought Bacardi and Patron had already merged to form Pittbull.”

New cast member Heidi Gardner stopped by in character as a teen Youtube film critic, introducing an impression of a teenager so spot on that toes the line between painfully funny and just plain painful.

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