SNL Tackled Jeff Bezos’s National Enquirer Blackmail Scandal

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SNL Tackled Jeff Bezos’s National Enquirer Blackmail Scandal

In a cold open that eschewed celebrity guests in favor of letting the main cast shine, Saturday Night Live tackled Jeff Bezos’ accusations against The National Enquirer via a parody of NBC’s Meet the Press. Kyle Mooney played a Chuck Todd who’s “still figuring out his whole look,” and was joined by Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson (Kenan Thompson), Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan (Cecily Strong) and political strategist Donna Brazile (Leslie Jones).

Though they agreed that the tabloid’s alleged attempted blackmailing of Bezos marked “a new low for journalism,” the panelists just couldn’t resist spending the majority of the segment debating what Bezos’s penis might look like.

“It’s disgraceful,” said Thompson, “I mean, this is a clear violation of someone’s privacy.”

“And what about when the pictures do come out?” asked Mooney.

“I will look at them,” said Thompson. “I will make them into hilarious memes, and I’ll send them to all my friends.”

In the end, the segment wasn’t quite substantial enough to make for a satisfying cold open—there’s only so much mileage you can get out of jokes about a billionaire’s genitals. It was enlivened by an appearance by Kate McKinnon as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, a man who’s operating under a singular definition of the term “dick pic.”

But the week’s far more entertaining political sketch found Kenan Thompson playing a Virginia official trying to determine how many of his white colleagues had done blackface.

“I have a question,” asked Beck Bennett, “What if the blackface was just part of your costume of a black person?”

“You see, Tom,” responded a patient Thompson, “That’s the exact kind of thing we’re looking for here today.”

“What if you wore the blackface as a tribute, like an homage to your hero?” asked Mooney.

“Who was your hero?” asked Thompson.

“Al Jolson,” said Mooney.

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