‘SNL’ Gave Us the Perfect ‘Fresh Prince’ Parody

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‘SNL’ Gave Us the Perfect ‘Fresh Prince’ Parody

It starts out just as we all remember—spinning throne, West Philadelphia, basketball court. But SNL’s parody of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s iconic opening (which stars a truly inspired Chris Redd as His Royal Freshness) quickly takes the familiar story to hilariously dark places.

“Turns out the guys I fought weren’t regular thugs/They were a powerful gang, running guns and drugs,” raps a dismayed Redd. “And because of our fight, one went to jail/So they followed me all the way out to Bel-Air.” From there, the story descends into a Tarantino-esque bloodbath involving Will faking his death and attending his own funeral, and culminating in a warehouse shoot-out featuring Uncle Phil and a sawed-off shotgun. As if all that weren’t great enough, Method Man makes a guest appearance as the leader of the gang that’s on the Fresh Prince’s trail.

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