Dance Videos Look Silky Smooth In 60fps

At some point last week you may have heard a dull roar in the distance. That was probably the sound of gamers around the world rejoicing YouTube’s latest parlor trick: 60 frames-per-second (fps) playback.

YouTube first announced the roll out of 60fps playback in June in order to compete with other services that cater specifically to the gaming video community like Twitch, which was recently acquired by Amazon. And now it’s finally here.

Because the benefits of high frame rate video is mostly limited to fast motion, like those found in video games, the announcement was largely ignored by everyone outside of the gaming community on YouTube. But oh, how wrong we were.

Canadian dancer Takesomecrime (TSC) just uploaded a 60fps video of himself dancing, and it’s magnificent. Not just because he’s showcasing the incredible body control that brought him over 125,000 subscribers and 55 million views on the platform. But also because the video is silky smooth. The increased frame rate effectively eliminated all motion blur, allowing us to see just how silky smooth his moves really are.

If you have Chrome, IE, or Safari, you can watch the video in 60fps right now (Firefox users have to wait, unfortunately). Just watch the video below in HD and it will be 60fps.

Before this change, users who uploaded 60fps video to YouTube saw the frame rate dropped to 30fps (29.97, to be exact) before the video was made available on YouTube. Now, if you upload a video at a higher frame rate (either 48 or 60), it will be instantly available in that quality. YouTube has also started to re-process 60fps video uploaded in the past, allowing viewers to see more high frame rate videos as the creator originally intended.

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