ShayCarl Addresses RWJ / Maker Feud

Popular vlogger ShayCarl has posted a video to YouTube addressing the ongoing feud between Ray William Johnson and Maker Studios.

ShayCarl (also known as Shay Butler) sat down with his wife Colette to address the issue, which his fans have been asking for since the feud first erupted.

Shay is an immensely well-respected YouTuber, who has shared many of his personal struggles on the popular video sharing site. He is also one of the co-founders of Maker Studios, which was envisioned and created by a group of YouTube creators.

In the video, Shay prompts his audience not to jump to conclusions, and makes it known that he would like both parties to go back to the negotiation table to discuss their differences in private. He then goes on to say: “I am proud to be part of Maker Studios, and they have done a lot for a huge number of YouTubers… and that wouldn’t be possible without Danny Diamond (Zappin).

“Danny Diamond is one of the nicest and most honest people I’ve ever met. If it wast for Danny Diamond Maker Studios would not be where it is today.”

Shay also provides a reasoning behind Danny Zappin’s text messages that could be seen as offensive, which were sent to Johnson early this morning; saying that he’s passionate and can take things personally.

Shay continues, saying that he believes it’s wrong to, “come out with an article publicly slandering Danny personally and the company he has fought tooth and nail to build.”

Shay’s stance is decidedly pro-Maker, as he breaks down Ray’s claim that he’s making everything public for the benefit of the YouTube community, as Shay exclaims “he has never been a part of the YouTube community.”

The video is a must-watch, but if there’s one takeaway from the video, it’s that an amicable resolution may still be possible. In a move that will hopefully defuse the entire situation, ShayCarl says: “Ray will get his AdSense account back. Trust Me. I will see to it. We’re not going to hold it hostage”

Watch ShayCarl’s video explaining his views on the feud below:

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