Shaq Once Had His Credit Card Declined At Walmart

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Shaq Once Had His Credit Card Declined At Walmart

Shaquille O’Neal appeared on The Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night alongside Victoria Beckham to promote the pair’s new Reebok collection. Among the string of carefully selected, charming anecdotes shared was Shaq’s story of getting his card declined at Walmart. Who’d have thought that trying to spend $70,000 at a big box store would set off a fraud alert?

As he was hanging out with two Brits, Shaq also took the opportunity to ask if marrying the Queen of England would make him the King of England. “I’m going to say it won’t, but can I say, on behalf of everyone in Britain, I would love nothing more,” Corden replied. “I love it for now, and I also love it for when we get to that series of The Crown.”

Shaq then mimed picking up a phone, and winked that “Queen Victoria,” should call him, which would be pretty tough for her to pull off as she’s been dead for 117 years. The current Queen of England, of course, is Queen Elizabeth.

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