Seth Meyers Returned to SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ to Talk Trump and Kanye

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Seth Meyers Returned to SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ to Talk Trump and Kanye

Saturday Night Live alum and former “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers returned to the news desk during the latest episode of SNL. Meyers appeared in a special edition of the Really!?! segment he formerly hosted with fellow alum Amy Poehler, joining current anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost to tackle Kanye West’s White House meeting.

“Trump met Kanye in the Oval Office,” said Meyers. “Really? Don’t you have better things to do? And by the way, when I say that I’m really not sure which of you I’m talking to.”

“You know how crazy Thursday was at the White House?” he continued. “Kid Rock was also there, and no one cared. It was almost a relief to hear that someone as reasonable as Kid Rock was at the White House.”

The show recreated the Oval Office meeting in its cold open, with Alec Baldwin reprising his Trump impression and Chris Redd playing Kanye, with Kenan Thompson appearing as famed football (and lacrosse!) player Jim Brown. As Redd’s Kanye rants, Baldwin’s Trump comes to a realization: “Oh my god, he’s black me,” Baldwin thinks in voice over. “This is like being visited by the ghost of Christmas black.”

“So in conclusion,” says Redd. “13th ammendment, Chiraq, trapdoors lead to the Unabomber, male energy, Trump is my dad, Hillary is a woman, and the media need to start making this president look good.”

“Poopity scoop, scoopity woop,” thinks Baldwin’s Trump.

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