Sacha Baron Cohen Accused Roy Moore of Being a Pedophile to His Face

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Sacha Baron Cohen Accused Roy Moore of Being a Pedophile to His Face

After the first two episodes of Who Is America?, Sacha Baron Cohen has effectively forced a Georgia lawmaker to resign and humiliated a number of Republicans and gun lobbyists. And in his third episode of the Showtime series, Cohen directly takes on Roy Moore, the Alabama judge who was accused of sexual misconduct by three women during his campaign for the U.S. senate.

The special election, which took place in late 2017, became national news as Moore battled numerous allegations with the support of president Donald Trump.

In Episode Three of Who Is America?, Cohen posed as Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad when he sits down with Moore for an interview. Near the end of the conversation, Cohen tells Moore that Israel has developed a technology to detect sex offenders:

Sex offenders and particularly pedophiles secrete an enzyme for DDHT, which is actually detectable. It is three times the level as non perverts so the phrase sweating like a rapist is actually based on science. So in Israel they’ve developed a machine that is used in schools to detect anyone coming in and if they detect the pedophile it alerts the law enforcement.

Cohen then waves what looks like a metal detector over Moore. It beeps.

“Did you lend the jacket for someone else?” Cohen asked.

“I’ve been married for 33 years, I’ve never had an accusation of such things,” Moore replied after Cohen’s device beeped a few times. “If this is an instrument, then certainly I’m not a pedophile. I am simply cutting this conversation right now.”

Moore walked away from the interview—and also a deeply uncomfortable moment of television. Watch the clip below.

It’s unclear exactly when this segment was filmed, but Moore lost the special election to Democrat Doug Jones.

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