Robert De Niro Attacks Donald Trump: ‘Down With This Motherf*cker’

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Robert De Niro Attacks Donald Trump: ‘Down With This Motherf*cker’

In late October, Robert De Niro—along with a number of other outspoken Donald Trump opponents—was the target of a thwarted bombing attempt when a suspicious package was found at the actor’s Manhattan home. But that’s not enough to stop De Niro.

On Monday night, while presenting Billy Crystal with the Friars Club’s entertainment icon award, De Niro continued his verbal attacks on the President. Taking the podium, he told the crowd “I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House.”

Which drew expected boos from the crowd.

“Boo is right! Down with this motherf—er!,” De Niro said.

He continued, joking that Crystal should be president instead, saying “We’ve got a dangerous buffoon-in-chief. What we need is a heroic comedian-in-chief”

But since Crystal isn’t constantly surrounded by scandal and deceit, he couldn’t possibly be qualified, De Niro said. “As much as we could use you in the never-been-more-white White House, I think it’s best to keep you right where you are — making us laugh and entertaining us like no one else,” he said.

The bombing attempt has seemingly not dissuaded De Niro from talking shit about the president at all, because two days before he spoke at the Friars Club, he went on Saturday Night Live, where he once again played Robert Mueller and called former Attorney General Jeff Sessions a weird little dude.

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