Playlist Live Introduces MeetUp Appointments, Ends Long Queues Forever

You know those long lines of people that pop up outside every Apple Store in the world when a new iPhone is released. Well, they’re nothing compared to the lines of dedicated fans that often wait for well over eight hours for the chance to meet their favorite YouTubers for all of 30-seconds. That is, if they’re lucky – Most fans still get turned away after the long wait.

Now, organizers at a major YouTube convention have finally heard the bored moans of these queuing fangirls, and they’re doing something about it.

The second largest YouTube convention in North America, Playlist Live, has announced they will replace the long “first-come-first-serve” queues that have existed since the first YouTube conventions four years ago with an appointment system.

Attendees will now be able to register online for meetups well before the convention starts, and without any queuing. If their registration is confirmed, they’re guaranteed to meet their chosen creators. All they have to do is show up at the convention center, where they will be given a special wristband confirming the time, date, and location of their meetup appointment.

More information on how to register for meetups at Playlist Live Tri-State is available on their website.

“There is no reason to wait once you have a wristband for a designated meetup. There’s no need to arrive early either,” Playlist Live confirmed. “Your wristband acts as your ‘meetup ticket’ and you’re guaranteed a place in the meetup as long as you arrive during the signing time and have the proper wristband.”

The new system will be used for the first time at Playlist Live Tri-State, which takes place November 20-23 in New York City. If it’s successful, you can expect other major conventions like the largest YouTube convention in the world with over 18,000 attendees VidCon, and Britain’s largest YouTube convention Summer In The City to follow suit.

Both Vidcon and SITC introduced queue cutoffs last year, which saw organizers limit the number of fans that were allowed in meetup queues. This successfully stopped fans from being disappointed if they waited in a queue all day only to find out they wouldn’t be able to meet their favorite YouTubers. However, it also introduced new complications. If organizers got the cut off point wrong, YouTubers may have either felt forced to stay far longer than their original meetup times; or, one more than one occasion, it left incredibly popular YouTubers with no one left to meet well before the end of their scheduled meetup time.

This new appointment system is a great move by Playlist, and it’s great to see the event taking positive steps to improve the situation for both fans and creators after some fans complained of overcrowding at last year’s event.

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