PhillyD’s ‘DeFranco Does LA’ Is Coming To Vimeo

Philip DeFranco has chosen Vimeo as the exclusive distribution partner for a feature-length recording of his “DeFranco Does LA” event.

All 1,300+ seats to the event, which took place at the Alex Theatre in Los Angeles on May 9, 2014, sold out just hours after they went on sale. But now DeFranco is opening up the interactive live show, which featured comedy and Q&As from DeFranco and his SourceFed co-hosts Steve Zaragoza and Joe Bereta, to a larger audience than ever before by making a video of the event available to buy for $4.99 on Vimeo’s self-distribution service Vimeo On Demand. (Use offer code DEFRANCO50 for a discount 😉 )

Watch the trailer for “DeFranco Does LA” below:

The move to paid-for content may come as a surprise to DeFranco’s fans, who manged to amass a shocking 1.3 billion views on his YouTube channel without paying a penny. However, the economics of long-form content like this feature is very different from the shorter videos fans are used to seeing.

It’s harder to make a profit, or even break even, on longer features like this, which is why this is only the second ‘DeFranco Does’ event that has been made available for fans to watch in the three-years he’s been holding the events. In the video description for “DeFranco Does Dublin,” the first ever indoor ‘DeFranco Does’ event from 2011, he stresses the ads are unlikely to cover the cost of the crew and editors that put the video together.

Vimeo recently announced they set up a $10 million fund to offer advances to creators who distribute their features exclusively through Vimeo On Demand. This distribution deal, which was brokered by DeFranco’s network Discovery Digital Communications, takes much of the financial stress off of DeFranco and his team and could potentially open up new opportunities for DeFranco and his SourceFed crew to experiment with other longer pieces of content in the future.

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